OASIS Co working Space Is a professional, flexible workspace community.

Oasis – A beautiful place of rest and comfort away from the busy streets. Oasis is a sanctuary within the building for all City Life tenants to relax, mingle and work from. Tenants have free and unlimited access to these Co Working facilities which exude calm serenity in a tropical oasis.

There are chill out spaces, meeting rooms, printing and office facilities, all managed by caring and attentive staff. Enjoy a cold drink while experiencing Free and lighting fast wifi.

A co-working space where individuals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small teams come together to work

A co-working space where individuals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small teams come together to work independently on their respective projects, ventures, or businesses. It offers a flexible and collaborative alternative to traditional offices, providing a productive and community-driven atmosphere. Open-layout that promotes interaction and collaboration among members.

Exclusive Conference Rooms

Intimate Study & Zoom Zones

Facial Recognition Security

Private Meeting Rooms

Fully Airconditioned

Uncapped high speed wi-fi

Membership Plans

Daily Access

Weekly Memberships

Monthly Memberships

Long-Term Memberships

Encouraging collaboration, knowledge sharing, and partnerships.

Despite the relaxed and casual vibe, Oasis maintains a professional atmosphere to ensure members can focus on their work while still enjoying a comfortable and welcoming environment.

The creative and dynamic atmosphere provides inspiration and motivation for its members, helping to combat feelings of isolation that can sometimes arise when working alone.

Oasis provides a modern and flexible working environment that fosters collaboration, networking, and creativity while offering the necessary amenities and infrastructure to support individual productivity. It has become a popular option for professionals seeking an alternative to traditional office settings, particularly for those in the freelance, entrepreneurial, and startup communities.

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