What bills do I need to pay?

The short answer is nothing – we cover all your utility bills (electricity and water), plus broadband/WiFi, TV Channels, Laundry facilities and refuse removal. The only bill you’ll have to pay is your monthly rental on or before the 1st of the month. (If your choice is a bachelor flat or 1 bedroom lifestyle apartment you will be responsible for your prepaid electricity and water)

How do I pay my rent every month?

All City Life buildings only accept rental payment by debit or credit card. Card facilities are available in the City Life reception.

What may I not bring?
  • Pet
  • Flammable liquids
  • Microwaves/heaters/gas stoves/toasters
  • Electric hotplates or paraffin stoves if you are not moving into a bachelor flat
  • Fire arms, weapons and/or fireworks
  • Alcohol and narcotics
  • Kettles
Who do I notify about maintenance issues?

Reception and security staff are all available for this purpose. You can also notify us through the link on our website: www.city-life.co.za. We have a 24hr – 48hr turnaround guarantee on all general maintenance issues.

Can I bring a guest to stay overnight?

Sleeping overnight is permitted at an additional cost.

Do all City Life Buildings offer communal facilities?

You may choose between communal living, or self-contained bachelor flats or 1 bedroom lifestyle apartments.

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